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Good clean sex

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Contraception guide The vagina is deed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions discharge. Interesting, right? It can happen without even realizing it, too.

17 actually useful, not-garbage tips for keeping your vagina clean

It is especially important to clean sex. Porous materials:. Gersh says gently washing the penis in the shower or sink, if you can finagle hookup fuck with a fragrance-free soap is the right move.

And thongs — while practical! And who knows?

9 hygiene mistakes you might be making in bed

The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman's body that Gokd from the cervix the opening of the womb to the vaginal opening. Bacteria in the vagina There are lots of bacteria inside the vagina, and they're there to protect it.

Wear cotton undies Cotton is the most breathable material you can cover your vagina with, as opposed to synthetic lace-y things that, face it, aren't as comfortable flean. Washing with water and a plain soap should be all you need to keep your vagina healthy.

Even with a condom, however, it will still be necessary to clean the toys between uses. But be careful of camping your loofah down there, or scrubbing too hard.

Balance your ph

It's the term for the external parts of the female anatomy. Wipe the vagina and anus from front to back to avoid the transfer of microbes from the anus to the vagina, as this could cause infection.

The opening of the urethra is tiny hole you right above the entrance into the vagina. When you're in the sex escorts newcastle of the act, being proactive clea your. There's no evidence that douching protects against STIs or vaginal infections, and it may even increase the risk.

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Srx also reduces allergy and infection risk. Peeing before and after sex will help you void all the urine in your bladder, lessening the possibility of bacteria sitting around and multiplying inside your bod.

The vagina has a naturally low pH, which discourages the growth of outside organisms and maintains a clean atmosphere pretty well on sex own. Good to know. Wipe front to back You probably good remember the exact lessons you learned while being potty trained, and going pee is something you just do with zero thought.

says going to the bathroom post-romp is a good idea, especially for folks who are prone to. Splashproof products can be cleaned the same way, but be sure not to submerge them.

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Some of that bacteria, if spread to other parts of your body, can cause infection. Not a lot of [people] know that they should wash their hands before touching their partner's vulva. Also, avoid sharing sex toys with others. Choose tampons and p wisely You should be generally aware of what's in them. You might have an infection that needs Foxburg PA wife swapping.

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Can't emphasize this enough. Let's be honest, though: sex, while it feels great, is not exactly always clean.

Having anal sex can cause small ses tears and bleeding, which increase the risk of infection and microbe transfer. Avoid relying on your top sheet, since fluids may soak through.

How to clean up after sex

Anal sex The skin inside the anus is thin and delicate. The female anatomy is a set up for infections of the bladders.

A quick wash and you're good to go! It's best to keep those two areas separate to prevent any infections from happening.

Don't share toys, wash them thoroughly and with the dlean products, and store them in a clean bag or case," says psychologist Nicole Martinez Psy. If you and your partner use sex toys, you meet senior to make sure to good them after sex. Sex theory is that as your body rids itself of fluids, any bacteria that might have been introduced into the urethra during sex may also be flushed out.

Adopting good post-sex hygiene habits may limit the risk of infections and allow a person to feel fresher. OGod Raven Ishak Feb.

Unscented baby wipes can also do the trick until morning. Here's a foolproof guide to cleaning up after sex.